Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summa Time and the Search for THE Beach Bag

One of the things that excited me when I was on a buying trip earlier this year was discovering what's hot and new for next season by brands that are not carried by the retailer I work for, simply for my personal pleasure. I came across this perfect summer bag by Ancient Greek. The bag is made out of colorful woven textile with canvas lining and cute antique multi charm accents. It was everything that I want for a beach bag, it was light, charming, colorful, roomy, and simply easy to pair with everything! Six months later and the search is still on for this simple bag. I found other versions of it but in blue and pink. They just didn't do it for me. So I settled for Kayu's St Tropez mini pompom-embellished woven straw tote, and more which I plan to share in future posts. 

What's your favorite go-to summer/beach bag? 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Miu Miu Pays Tribute to the Middle East

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a soft spot for bag charms. They're fun, cute, and add a dose of irresistible character to your plain handbag. So when I got the news about Miu Miu paying tribute to the Middle Eastern culture by presenting an exclusive playful yet multifunctional accessories in luxurious precious skin, I got excited intrigued. The round-shaped charms has the Arabic alphabet, each piece presenting a letter design with metallic hues and vibrant colors. They're cute, nothing groundbreaking. I'm not sure if these bags charms would step up my bag charms game, but I guess it depends on their price tag and how "exclusively" exclusive they are. Maybe they'll grow on me? I don't know... What do you think?

The charms should be available exclusively in Miu Miu Boutiques throughout our region.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Visit to Ralph and Russo's Showroom in Paris

Miss me? No? Well I do and I miss my blog! So how about i kick start the posts with some over-the-top couture creations?? Back in January, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my most admired designers in the couture business, Ralph and Russo. After attending their breathtaking  fashion show (posted about it on my instagram and snapchat), I am still lost for words to describe this amazing experience where you get an up close and personal look at the incredible craftsmanship of couture by one of the biggest names in fashion. It's moments like these that I wish I had my high-res camera with me to capture these exquisite moments. Unfortunately I had to settle for my iPhone.

The world of couture is very private and one must be invited to receive an appointment in the designers' Paris showrooms. I have had the privilege of visiting Ralph and Russo's showroom in Paris (what can I say? the perks of working in fashion retail), set in a beyond beautiful Parisian apartment. The smell of the candle.. how can I describe it? It is not always easy to describe the smell of a candle, it felt like a rainstorm on a summer night with a mix of spicy notes of saffron and cinnamon, and maybe some fig? Basically it was a heavenly smell. Of course I had to check out the candle's brand, it was by ROJA and the candle was called Amber Aoud. On my "must buy" list for my home.

Anyhow, back to the couture presentation, according to the brand "the Spring/Summer 2017 couture collection explores the coexistence of urban and natural spheres, interpreting contemporary femininity through its opposites". The pieces on display felt like they were inspired by a botanical garden with an urban twist. Think petal embellished patterns, floral-like details, and a hint of soft geometric shapes. The collection was simply what couture dreams are made of. Scroll down to view the selection I have fallen in love with. 

The kind of jewelry you would want to wear with your couture pieces of course... hearts!

And last but not least, compliment the entire look with the brand's shoes and bags selection...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Look at Nada Debs Selection for AlOthman Pop Up

Oh wow! It feels great to post again on the blog! I'm not going to give excuase or dwell on my lack of posting on the blog. So let's get starigh to business. First thing's first. I'm sure by now you have heard about Nada Debs' showcase at AlOthman Pop Up. This is the second event I started working on and I'm so excited about it! 

AlOthman's Pop Up will be hosting a special showcase of furniture and home accessories by Lebanese brand Nada Debs. The opening reception will be held in the presence of the designer on the evening of Sunday 25th September, and will continue until Thursday 29th September.

Nada Debs' designs deserve a lot of respect and appreciation. She has successfully managed to embody our Arabic culture using contemporary designs. Very very few home accessories designer managed to present us with such uniqueness and creativity, and the proof of Nada Debs's success is the hundreds of copied designs by other "designers", but you know what they say 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.'

According to Nada Debs' website, the designer, of Lebanese origin, was raised in Japan. She studied interior architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, starting her first company in the UK, designing and producing custom furniture. After a 40 year hiatus, Nada Debs’ Levantine spirit brought her home to Beirut, where she discovered that designs for modern Middle Eastern furniture were non-existent. She then established her company East and East, where the brand fuses Eastern tradition and minimalism. Her multicultural approach attracted the attention of the design world. Today Nada operates from Beirut and is represented globally, delivering to the world.

Scroll down to view some of the pieces which will be available at the Pop Up on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Webby Wednesday: NINE IN THE MIRROR

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Shopping for maternity clothes is not. Trust me. I've been there. TWICE. I hated my 3rd trimester the most. I wanted to burn each piece of clothing I wore then. Sure I found a piece or two of decent maternity clothing that did not make me look frumpy, but 2 pieces were not enough to satisfy my fashion needs. I couldn't find a proper one destination to shop for chic maternity clothing. Years later, my prayers came true with the launch of online shopping site NINE IN THE MIRROR. I may not need it now, but it's good to know that the option is there if and when I'm preggers in the future.

So how did the idea of NINE IN THE MIRROR came about? Well, fashion buyer Adriana Chryssicopoulos and online marketer Tatiana de Boisanger met while pregnant and in mutual despair over what to wear. So they launched this site that features expert editorial content alongside a hand-picked selection of straight-off-the-runway designer looks, in styles and sizes to suit women in their first to third trimester – and beyond, proving that pregnancy is no obstacle to great style. Check out the site here.

Friday, July 15, 2016

NunuPink 2016 collection by Reem Al Mudhaf

I have received an e-mail during Ramadan from the super talented Kuwaiti kaftans designer Reem Al Mudhaf of NunuPink with a lookbook revealing her latest designs for 2016. I have decided to share some of its photos here but only after Ramadan as I felt her designs deserve the exclusivity and privacy required to protect them from the most common issue with or local designers, the unwanted prying eyes, who tend to copy other designs and claim them as their own.

For Ramadan 2016, Reem did not disappoint. Her caftan designs are made from the highest quality fabrics with the most innovative small details, meaning her caftans not only look fabulous but feel super comfortable to wear - essential for a glamorous ghabqa/Ramadan wardrobe. I must admit that when I first skimmed through the lookbook, I was somewhat neutral to the designs, something was off with the images and I still can't put my finger on it. I'm glad I decided to visit her studio and get a better look at her designs, the lookbook really does not do her designs any justice. I fell in love with the pieces neatly displayed throughout the studio. The fabric combination and the unique details in each designs were phenomenal. Check out the photos featured here for some of my favorite NunuPink designs.


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