Thursday, June 25, 2015


Fellow blogger and talented designer of BAKCHIC has the best styling and some of the best photage art direction. She has recently launches her SS 2015 collection inspired by the Magic region of Imilchil, a small town in central Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains with a population of about 1,858. It's better known for the celebration of colorful Berber weddings. BAKCHIC decided to marry glitters and traditions with her latest collection, and we think she did an amazing job.

First, here's a little something about Imilchil. Once every September, a festival is held at Imilchil in which the young are allowed to choose a spouse for themselves, which is quite unusual for a community usually confined by tribal traditions. The would-be brides and grooms are free to pick whoever they wish to marry. Dressed in roughly woven black robes, bohemian-inspired layers, and jangling silver jewelry decorated with amber beads around their necks and heads. Scroll down for some of my favorite looks of BAKCHIC's Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Launches The Denim Shop launched The Denim Shop with an upload that features a huge variety of styles (all with extremely high depth) along with a section of the site which is dedicated specifically to denim. Check out the selection by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stars In My Hands

If you're looking for something funky fresh to jazz up your caftans, then grab hold of Ramadan style with these leather and fabric clutches dazzled with embroidered golden stars. They're the perfect summer accessory for the polished prepster. Find them at The Pillowcase.

The Pillowcase is a lifestyle-led concept brand offering a range of unique homeware to personal apparel and accessories.

Monday, June 22, 2015

New Designer: HariTHanD

HariTHanD is a Lebanon-based brand that was established in 2010. It is mostly catered to young women who want to razzle dazzle in a formal or a fancy event. His experimental designs are inspired by beauties from the glamorous fifties, and you can avidly see it in his petal-like shapes with magnified twisted layers and belted waists. Actually, some of his designs have similar aesthetics as innovative Australian designer Toni Maticevski. Scroll down for some of my favorite pieces.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Special Gift

During my stay in Beirut, a beautifully packaged gift was sent to the hotel I was staying in. It was a gift from HariTHanD, a young Lebanon-based brand. Inside was a classy 50's inspired light coat in a pretty shade of metallic pink. I was very touched! It was such a nice gesture by the new brand. I had to know more about it so I started researching online to find out more. I'll share with you in my next post some of this new talent's creations. 

New Designer: Faissal El-Malak

I just recently discovered a new regional talent, Faissal El-Malak, through the instagram account of Harvey Nichols Dubai. First of all the styling of his pieces were so refreshing, and I would definitely wear some of the pieces for Ramadan and beyond. The cultural influences are inevitable in his designs, and beautifully translated to the creative process of his debut collection.

So who is Faissal El-Malak? According to his website, he is a Palestinian designer who was brought up between Montreal Canada and Doha Qatar. He trained as a fashion designer in Paris’ Atelier Chardon Savard and recently moved back to the Gulf, finally settling in Dubai in September 2014. El-Malak has been working on developing his contemporary Middle Eastern design identity by bridging traditional artisan work with modern design. His SS15 collection draws from the millennial tradition of weaving in Yemen.

To find out more about Faissal El-Malak, click here

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Waw Design Concept Store in Beirut

Oops! I missed posting about Waw Design concept store in Beirut! One of my favorite places to shop in Beirut and a must-visit by people from our Gulf region. Here you'll find a huge selection of home accessories, chocolates, and caftans. Some of the items that I spotted in my last visit were theses beautifully colored large metal bowls, Ottoman style copper trays with Arabic calligraphy detail decorating its colored plexi front, and big collection of easy-breezy colored caftans, which I still don't understand why they were super over-priced, actually all caftans I've seen in Beirut were just really pricey!!!

Anyhow, it's a place I'll visit for sure sometime soon to buy home accessories for my new home inshallah. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Caftans in Ramadan

As we start the holy month of Ramadan month, the word “Caftan” suddenly becomes unavoidable,  usually uttered in the same context as pre-futoor yoga cleanses, Ghabqa's (a meal that takes place after midnight and to which guests are invited to share Suhoor, the last meal before fasting), and futoor (breaking your fast) menu! And because I feel a bit sluggish most of the time, I’d much rather be lounging in something billowy and comfortable, especially that avoiding carbs and sugars during this month is a pain! Luckily, in Kuwait, the options for a caftan are endless!! And even though a large number of local caftans brands are very repetitive, crazy colorful/mixed and unmatched (in a bad way), and attention to detail is their rarest quality, we do have a good number of local brands that exceed the expectations and are ahead of the local bunch in terms of quality, design, and creativity. Those designers are the ones I'm proud of and personally follow their latest updates. I'm not going to name them, at least not in today's post. I'll just settle for sharing some photos of caftans spotted during our first Ramadan outing. In the photo above, I chose to wear a caftan designed by a newly established brand called Shams Concept. Their stitching is impeccable! It doesn't show in the photo but it has that high-collar detail with a deep v-neck that would make better "Cersei Lannister" green with envy! :P The hem of the caftan is covered with bronze-colored discs. Of course I accessories the piece with my Monies golden necklace and Souk Mubarakiya turquoise/KD5 tassel necklace.

Which local brand did you wear for your first Ramadan outing?

Caftan by Nunupinkbyreem

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charlotte Olympia's customizable ABC flat shoes

I have always loved the idea of customizing your purchases, whether accessories, note cards, or whatever that can be personalized! It gives that feeling of exclusivity an uniqueness. So I go excited about Charlotte Olympia's customizable ABC flat shoes! Available at Harvey Nichols Kuwait! Each shoe comes with fifty-two adhesive leather stickers, including all letters of the alphabet and twenty-six corresponding designs inspired by the world of Charlotte Olympia.

You gotta be careful though, Charlotte Olympia's heavy-duty icons are non-transferable so you have to be really sure about your choice before committing the stickers to leather for eternity. the good thing is that, each pair comes with Charlotte Olympia's Guide to Accessorising – an illustrated booklet for customization inspiration, just to help you narrow down your final choice if lost.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Love Ramadan

So excited about Ramadan!! I love it! I love the fact that:
  1. It's all about worship and inner peace
  2. Spending quality time with the family
  3. Greatest month in the Islamic calendar
  4.  Get to do more of what is reuiqred from me to do as a muslim
  5. Hear the beautiful voice of Imam's in Mecca during prayers
  6. All those beautiful caftans 
  7. The fact that I can go out in my caftan to public places and get away with it
Today I made sure to decorate our home to get my kids into the Ramadan spirit. It also adds some warmth to the TV room.What do you think of my humble decoration? What do you love the most about Ramadan?

Ramadan Kareem and wishing every one a peaceful and blessed month. xoxo

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trafalgar Takeover - Alma Boutique

I took these photos as part of the instagram takeover which I have mentioned in my previous posts. Alma Boutique is a multi-brand showroom for luxury watches and jewelry, owned and managed Trafalgar. They carry all sorts of luxury brands like Chopard, Solo Diamond, Harry Winston, De Grisogono, and more.Whatever my eyes fell on that day had 4-digits price tag! So I was mainly window shopping there *sob!*. Check out some of my favorite pieces in-store...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Trafalgar Instagram Takeover - Chopard

Just look at this stunner of a watch by luxury Swiss watchmakers Chopard, one of the brand's latest designs from the Imperial collection. The rich green of the dial is just the gorgeous! I took these photos as part of the instagram takeover which I have mentioned in my previous post.

In the below photo you'll notice that the brand has slightly revamped its happy sport watches by adding the "C" to its floating diamonds. Also I have added a couple of my favorite designs by the luxury Swiss watchmaker. Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trafalgar Instagram Takeover - Etienne Aigner

I love Instagram takeovers! So I was super excited when I got approached by Trafalgar Kuwait to takeover their Instagram for a couple of days to showcase my favorite picks of their vast network of stores. So I'll be highlighting some of the brands which I checked out for the instagram takeover right here on my blog, starting with Etienne Aigner.

Etienne Aigner was my mom's favorite go-to brand for handbags, actually I still have one of her vintage Aigner clutches and carry it every now and then. So when I visited the brand's shop at Harvey Nichols Kuwait, I was surprised to see how modernized the bags look now! This casual-cool satchel bag is a chic way to keep organized during the work week or on weekend excursions. It features a convenient detachable mini backpack too! How cool is that?!


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