Monday, September 15, 2014


Najeeba Hayat is ready to shake things up and claim the spotlight with her brand new footwear brand Liudmila

According to AlOthman's blog, which will be stocking Liudmila Summer 2015 naturally, the brand Liudmila is focused on creating desire and fantasy while respecting a woman’s mobility. All of its heel designs are lower-heeled styles and fall under the 100mm range with the majority of the collection using a 50mm heel. Najeeba's debut collection is inspired by cartoon heroines like Cinderella (check out the black silk flats in the photo below), a Minnie Mouse pump, and mermaid-green exotics. 

What really impressed me about the designer is that she actually studied shoes design for a year, so that's no monkey business, and also the fact that she had her shoes manufactured in the same factory as Louboutin and Manolo. I've heard from a lot of fashion insiders that it's very difficult to find the right place to produce someone's collection in the standards required, because many of the best factories in Italy don't have availability for small productions or emerging talents.  

I've gone through the images featured on AlOthman's blog, and the pink rabbit fur pompom sandals got my highest vote, the navy wedge heels are also very innovative in design. The gladiators look nice in the photo too, I hope their fit is adjustable. 

You can find out more about Liudmila here, you may also contact the designer here. Najeeba will be presenting her debut collection during Milan Fashion Week on 17th September. Best of luck to the talented footwear-designer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bags for Fall and Beyond

I get asked a lot about which bag to buy this season, or more precisely about the "it" bag of the season. I stopped believing in "it" bags a while ago (I feel like as if a small weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!). Last month as I started de-cluttering my closets in preparation for our move, it hit me hard how gullible I was the past I don't know how many years, in searching and hunting for the "it" bag of the season. I had a closet dedicated for handbags, some I wore maybe twice or three times max!! I started questioning my shopping habits and the desire to be defined by a status bag. I'm not saying that I'll never buy a handbag again, but I don't want to be influenced by the fashion media and get me all worked up about a bag and fight over it..... on the waiting list! It's not worth it. So I decided that If I see a bag that I like, I'll buy it. Not because it was mentioned on the pages of Vogue magazine or some celeb wore it. Besides, we still need to carry our junk around, so we'll always carry bags and clutches. 

That said, I'll share with you some of the bags that I liked this season. From statement oversized clutches and modern backpacks, to fringed totes, and mini hands-free cross bags.  This season there's something for everyone. Here, all the best, chicest bags I want to grab onto. Starting from top, Chanel's fringed bag from Chanel Dallas collection, Tod's two-tone D-cube bag (similar styles here), a mini cross bag by Tod's, Alexander Wang's backpack, Mark Cross vintage-inspired bags (also here), Anya Hindmarch clutch with  leather tassel charm, and surprisingly, West Elm's budget-friendly leather oversized clutches in beautiful colored stripes and polka dots. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Love You Celine

A bouquet of beautiful white roses and a surprise birthday gift from one of my ultimate favorite brands. Celine, oh how I love thee! (hearts hearts hearts). I can't wait to share with you photo of my new love. Stay tuned! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tod's Amaze!

Sometimes I keep forgetting that to have a well-built closet, you need a pair (or three!) of comfortable heels in neutral colors. I think the past seasons I've been so into colorful statement shoes that I didn't pay attending to the basics of a wardrobe, every girls needs a pair of black, tan, and chocolate brown shoes. And I found my calling with these chunky block heeled sandals by Tod's in a beautiful shade of chocloatey brown. The heels ensure a comfortable fit, and they can be worn with thick ribbed knit socks for winter or with your bare foot for the summer. I can't wait to wear these with skirts and dresses. 

These heels were spotted at Tod's boutique in Salhiya Complex. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The World of Rick Owens

In celebration of 20 years of his ground-breaking fashion label, Selfridges presented an intimate glimpse into designer Rick Owens world. According to my London reporter Maryam Suwailem of Hannayome, the concept pop-up store is so extraordinary. The installation is dark and experimental, and even more so considering the store’s family-oriented Oxford Street location. One item that was really striking is the “tomb bench,” which is a large lounge chair carved out of wood and fitted with antlers. There were also scented candles by Diptyque, and an exclusive capsule collection designed specifically for the The World of Rick Owens at Selfridges.

The World of Rick Owens will be open until Oct. 24, so if you're in London, make sure to you don’t miss out on this unique experience. You can explore the designer's exclusive capsule collection here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Like a Grecian Goddess

Spotted this gorgeous golden hairband by Jennifer Behr at Harvey Nichols Kuwait the other day. I liked how this Grecian headband is adorned with a vine of gold-tone brass leaves and tiny pearls, now that the weddings seasons have kicked in, I'm thinking of getting it to style my hair with it. I think will work beautifully with loose tresses or a tousled messy updo. 

You can find similar styles here

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Louis Vuitton's Pop Up at Dover Street Market

Having friends who love fashion as much as I do, if not even more, has its perks! They get to report the coolest fashion stories while traveling. My utterly chic and absolutely witty friend Mariam Suwailem of Hannayome, has shared with me these photos of Louis Vuitton's pop-up store at Dover Street Market in London. The aim of the pop-up is to attract the avant-garde shoppers who won't normally go for the typical LV looks. So LV introduced a more  directional edit of pieces designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, alongside key runway accessories from bags and shoes to jewelry and sunglasses. From the photos sent to me by Mariam, I'm loving the golden necklace and the multi-strap ankle boots.

The pop-up will run until 14 October, make sure to pass by if you're in London town.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Different Kind of Hervé Léger Edit Has Landed on THE OUTNET.COM!'s latest edit of Hervé Léger styles has arrived! The brand became famous in the 1980s for their form-fitting bandage dresses and their body-con styles have remained an A-list favorite ever since. Expect signature dresses, fit and flare skirts and sleek pants, all at up to 65% off.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Like Fine China

These Charlotte Olympia porcelain vase pumps are the kinds of shoes that make you stop in your tracks and admire! How insanely beautiful are they?!! I'd say, irreplaceable.... a collectible... just like fiiiiiiiine china. I spotted the Chinoiserie pupms at Boutique 4 the other day. Actually the entire collection on display stopped me dead in my tracks, in a good way! The small bag shaped as a chinese noodles takeaway box is stunning! I'm very happy that Boutique 4 actually got this collection and was daring with their buys. Definitely on top of my wish list for the new season. Even though I know for a fact I'll end up wearing it once or twice... and in graceful pain. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

IKEA Paper Shop

I think I've been out of touch with the real world, or else how could I have possibly missed on IKEA's paper shop?! Why haven't I heard about it before! I was shopping around IKEA over the weekend, mental note... never ever go to IKEA on weekends, it was beyond crowded, and just as I reached the kitchen utensils section, I came across the new, fun, and colorful paper shop. Finally! Pretty gift wrap that's not dusty nor will it break the bank!

I found all sorts of pretty things, party sets, paper blocks, notepads, notebooks, decoration, gift boxes, gift bags, and paper napkins. All were really reasonably priced. I bought a couple of notepads for my office use. The patterns and illustrations used are really nice and refreshing. I hope they'll keep introducing new designs every season. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sipping in Style

My apologies for the radio silence. I'm sure you haven't noticed, but still — I apologize anyway. A combination of busy calendar, work, moving, and kids testing my limits, have buried my will to blog to the bottom of my priority list. But I will survive.

I read once that If you buy most of your clothes and accessories for a fantasy version of your life, instead of the reality, you’ll end up with a lot of clothes to store and nothing to wear, and not to mention a bigger outstanding balance. When I reflect on these words I find that many of my purchases unfortunately fall under that category, and now that I'm practicing some self-control, I'm always second-guessing my shopping's wish list. Take for example these flask bracelet by Cynthia Rowley, I first spotted them on instgram during the Spring 2013 NYC fashion shows and presentations, and I wanted them ever since! But what would I possibly do with a flask bracelet! Am I suddenly going to take a sip in the middle of a mall or a reception from my bracelet? How easy it is to clean anyway?! And if I'm buying it, it has to be at least two of them worn stacked. The good bad news is that I couldn't find them anywhere online or offline. So I forgot about them. Fast forward two years later, I get an e-mail in my inbox from online e-tailor announcing that the flask bracelet by Cynthia Rowley are available to purchase online. What?!! That's a sign! I must buy them!!! So much for sticking to the reality version of myself!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit of the Day

Another lazy summer ootd post. I can't help it! The heat is unbearable so don't expect a proper ootd photoshoot anytime soon. I chose to wear this for our last week's family gathering, a pair of boyfriend jeans by GAP, a striped button-down shirt with little bugs details by C x Faconnable, a pair of Tamashee najdiya slippers in red leather (you can shop for them online here), and layered necklaces by Tiffany's and Amman-based jewelry Lama Hourani

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video: The Making of Dior's Fusion Sneakers

Dior Fusion sneakers. The most talked about sneakers in social media accounts. They made their runway debut during the Spring 2014 couture show, and I instantly fell in love with both Dior's and Chanel's sneakers, which unfortunately won't go into production. And now that the Dior sneakers have finally landed at the brand's boutique world wide, for some reason my passion suddenly fizzled out. Could it be that the sneakers have been overly exposed on the social media? Or maybe the thought of dishing our KD 330+ on a pair of sneakers is not sitting well with me (yup I'm trying to get wiser with my purchases, especially with all the "shopping mistakes" I've done past seasons). That said, I do strongly appreciate their beauty and the couture craftsmanship behind them, especially after seeing this video.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Adriana

Acne Studio's 'Adriana' sneakers are on the top of my must-buy list for Fall 2014. The playful enameled plaque is what got me attracted in the shoes. I wanted to buy them last season actually but of course my size was sold out. This season I'm in luck! Found a couple of e-tailers which I could buy them from. Now all I need to do is decide on the color. How about those?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Outfit of the Day

Sometime if I really like a piece of clothing and it doesn't fit, nothing stops me from buying it. There're always a way to have it altered to fit my body. Take for example this summery dress by Zero+Maria Cornejo, which by the way, I never imagined myself buying from this brand because its design aesthetic usually does not appeal to my taste. Anyhow, I saw this perfect-for-our-long-summer dress with beautifully pleated wide sleeve on one side and the other sleeve was narrow and ruched. I really liked it and it was on sale 50% off at AlOthman Boutique, the only problem is that it didn't fit. So instead of letting it go, and being the stubborn shopper that I am, I took it to the tailor, made it slightly longer in length and slightly wider, made it as loose as possible without looking frumpy using black cotton fabric, and voila it fits! I'm happy with the results, and I think it's a piece I'll end up wearing for years to come!

I paired my Zero+Maria Cornejo dress with a pair of Loeffler Randall raffia sandals, and my new and limited edition summer shopper bag from Celine, which I bought from as part of an exclusive collection that was formed in collaboration with the e-tailer, Vogue, and 22 top designers, to benefit non-profit organization Born Free’s goal to end mother-to-child HIV transmission at birth. The bag is priced at $225 only!! Great deal for a greater cause, wouldn't you say? You can buy it here.


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