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Live for the moment, dress from yesterday. A Vintage Affair is a 100% authentic per-loved designer and non-brand jewelry  accessories and clothing. Should you have any further inquires, kindly whatsapp on (965) 6998-8456.

Follow their Instagram for their latest updates @a_vintageaffair.


Afnan Alrashed's new Eid\Summer 2013 Collection is available at Ms. Dantel Boutique.

Ms. Dantel Boutique located in Kuwait - Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak Street, Galleria 2000 Mall, Ground Floor, for further inquiries, please call (965) 2575-0808
Instagram : @afnan__alrashed

______________________________________________________________________________________________ is a new website by a group of young Kuwaities, and it's a dessert delivery website where many sweet places are put together to ease sweet-lovers search. The goal is to become the main dessert directory in Kuwait.

It all started when a person wanted to try out something sweet, good and can be delivered. It took him a long time to compare and find what he wanted. Hence, came the idea of putting all the dessert shops in one place. The whole idea to this website is to find what you crave and get it! Diversity is what the team are looking for !


Dear Confashions,

I am pleased to announce that my new business has finally launched officially. Here is a short story of my business idea.

I always wanted to do something different in my career, and to have passion towards what I am doing. Since I've always liked decor and interior design, I thought I would create a business in that field. I always see and read everything related to decor, but the one thing that always caught my attention was Sofas.  

As I was searching and learning everything about the process of the sofa/chair making, I discovered that ready made sofas and locally made sofas are exactly the same, but it takes a thorough knowledge of all the details and measurements to make a sofa/chair to look like an expensive ready made sofa/chair. 

For that matter, I can say I have the knowledge that would make my business different from all other businesses, and that is to provide customers with sofas and chairs with the same quality and beauty of the ready made sofa with a fraction of a price. 

For more information, please send an e-mail to

Business Contact: (965) 6633-0331
Instagram: @design_your_sofa


The Neon Gifts is the brainchild of Hessa Ahmed, a creative designer from the United Arab Emirates with a love for stationary items. The more she travelled, the more she collected until she was able to transform her own dreams and ideas into neatly packaged stationary perfection.

The Neon Gifts signature style merges simplicity with practicality; always containing bright and vivid colors with a touch of femininity. Hessa designs for herself, always thinking about what she would like to own.  

Women love luxury and Hessa is no different, that’s why she believes that a piece of stationary from The Neon Gifts should almost be seen as a fashion accessory and valued as a rare and special boutique/bespoke item. 


NEAT. is a full service organizing company that focuses on de-cluttering homes and offices. Their services include clearing clutter, sorting through and storing your treasures and then creating a system to keep your home or office organized. They find solutions to things that are not working for you by carefully listening and learning about your organizational style.

"We understand that a lot of people are unable to locate their stuff because their closets are not organized aesthetically or because the area is cluttered with un-needed things. The purging process can be physically and mentally draining and we're here to support and be impartial to help clear and organize the area. Our aim is to create a pleasing functional environment and by arranging the closet, a person is more focused, saves time by finding his/her treasures, and saves money in the long run." expressed NEAT. 's representative.    
You can reach NEAT. on instagram or by calling either (965) 6560-9890 or (965) 9982-6826.

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