Webby Wednesday: NINE IN THE MIRROR

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Shopping for maternity clothes is not. Trust me. I've been there. TWICE. I hated my 3rd trimester the most. I wanted to burn each piece of clothing I wore then. Sure I found a piece or two of decent maternity clothing that did not make me look frumpy, but 2 pieces were not enough to satisfy my fashion needs. I couldn't find a proper one destination to shop for chic maternity clothing. Years later, my prayers came true with the launch of online shopping site NINE IN THE MIRROR. I may not need it now, but it's good to know that the option is there if and when I'm preggers in the future.

So how did the idea of NINE IN THE MIRROR came about? Well, fashion buyer Adriana Chryssicopoulos and online marketer Tatiana de Boisanger met while pregnant and in mutual despair over what to wear. So they launched this site that features expert editorial content alongside a hand-picked selection of straight-off-the-runway designer looks, in styles and sizes to suit women in their first to third trimester – and beyond, proving that pregnancy is no obstacle to great style. Check out the site here.