In My Closet: 1309

One of the biggest thrills about Caftans season isn’t just the launch of new caftans by “big” names that everyone knows and loves. Caftans season is a chance to scout out the latest and greatest in emerging talents. This season was no exception, I have been introduced to so many new local and regional brands and young talents that I never knew existed. Qatari-based brand 1309 was launched last year, but because I had already stocked up on caftans before the launch of their debut collection, I didn't get the chance to buy from their collection. This year however, I made it my mission to order since I knew that their design aesthetics would surely mean presenting something that won't disappoint, and guess what? They did meet and exceed my expectations. I think that 1309 is really having a moment. It managed to create pieces that well-dressed girls everywhere are starting to talk about.

This season I fell in love with their Arabic calligraphy embroidered pieces like the one I have purchased and photographed here. It says: when you look with your heart, the eyes don't make any sense. The quality of the caftan is amazing, so soft and easy to wear. I also ended up buying another look of their collection which I will be hopefully sharing soon on my blog. I can't wait to see what the creative team 1309 behind will come up with next year.