Event: Inaash Association: Art of Palestinian Embroidery: Past, Present & Future

A few months back I was invited to Inaash's exhibition which was held at Beit Al Sadu. Inaash is an association for preservation of Palestinian culture through embroidery. The objective of the exhibition is to raise funds to preserve this precious handcraft and to provide income to women living in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. What I loved about the exhibition is the way they introduced this very traditional embroidery using modern home and fashion accessories. They have collaborated with quite few renowned talents like Nada Debs, who helped design oversized pillow cases, and Naffisa who's known for her modern caftans and everyday casual chic pieces. Mind you, the items on display were quite pricy, but they're for a good cause. I ended up buying pillow cases, one vest and one jacket. I would really like to see more collaborated collection by these talents and more but at different price points, as I'm sure this would help to generate more money and attract more people.