Friday, February 26, 2016

Outfit of the Day

Found this photo on my mobile which I took during the festive holidays. It was when I decided to go for a festive look in my vintage Kenzo jacket. I probably bought this piece at least 10 or 12 years ago when Kenzo had a branch in Salhiya Complex. I fell in love with it's kimono like sleeves and its embroidered detail. The quality was just impeccable, they rarely make them like this nowadays. It's definitely a keeper!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Outfit of the Day

Hands down! Rabih Kayrouz is the BEST womenswear Lebanese designer so far. I got this pinstriped blazer with golden pomegranate-shaped cuff links from AlOthman Boutique. The blazer has diagonal side slits which gives the blazer an unexpected, yet flattering, shape. I paired it with my loose-fit patch-work jeans, which I bought from Berlin from a place called Manila Grace.

So why does Rabih hold this title in my fashion book? First off, you can never categorize his designs as the typical Lebanese designs, you would never see models on the runways dressed in lace gowns covered in beads and sequins season after season. His approach in design, minimalism chic, is never ever boring! His designs have the power to stand the test of time with such grace and high impact. I have personally met Rabih Kayrouz and found him to be so down to earth and easy to talk to, a rare quality these days. And last but not least, he gives back to his community in such a way that I don't think any other Lebanese designer ever did. Kayrouz co-founded in 2008 a non-profit organisation called the Starch Foundation which helps young Lebanese designers launch and promote their debut collections. Isn't this amazing?

Event: Sabah Arbilli at Dar AlFunoon

Back in January, I had the pleasure of visiting Dar Al Funoon to get a closer look at Iraqi Artis Sabah Arbilli's latest paintings and sculptures in a solo exhibition titled: Decisions

I became a fan of his work when I first saw his pieces displayed during the Islamic Art Exhibition in Kuwait two years ago. Sabah has this distinctive style of writing and refreshing form of calligraphy, he has this amazing skill to spontaneously create art pieces in front of people, involving the public to become a part of an artistic experience.

Born in Iraq, the full time artist Sabah Arbilli studied Masters in Visual Arts, at the University of Wales. Currently he is based in the UK and Qatar. Scroll down to check out some of my favorite pieces in the exhibition.

Friday, February 5, 2016


2014 was the year of the selfie, so for 2015 Online shopping site that stocks products from over 300 independent boutiques around the world FarFetch has invited me a while back to join their campaign to turn my back on the crowds, do things my own way and turning my back on the "selfie". Due to my day-to-day commitments I didn't get the chance to participate at the peak of the campaign, and now that I started enjoying my free time, I decided to write a post about it.

UNFOLLOW celebrates the singular style of the fashion-loving Farfetch customer through images seen from the back. I think this is plain genius! I have never been a fan of the selfies and it depicts a point of view of fashion truly showcasing the clothing without labels or famous faces and challenging consumers to seek out the unexpected, to unfollow the crowds. So here's my unfollow photo, shot in Berlin, Germany.


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