Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's a (not so) Cruel Céline

Sigh… Céline shoes (heart heart). The most stylish way to step into the season. It's hard to express just how much I love Céline shoes. They're truly are some of the most staple shoes in my closet, remember last year's slippers with leather knotted details? Yup, still wearing them to this day and they look on-point! Whether I'm pairing them with striped baggy pants or with a dainty/jersey dress, the foolproof slippers pumps up any of my too casual-they-might-look-like-a-pajamas outfits. 

Look what I've spotted at Céline boutique in Prestige, the Avenues. If I haven't had my black slippers, I would have bought these off-white beauties instantly. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beautiful Bits from Bahrain

We went for a wedding in Bahrain over the weekend and of course during the day, we did some sightseeing and just chilled around. Bahrain is such a cozy and a beautiful country, the people who we have met during our quick trip were very genuine, humble and welcoming. Must make it a point to visit Bahrain at least once a year. Scroll down for some art inspo...

One of my quick stop in Bahrain was  Al Riwaq Art Space, a not-for-profit space supporting contemporary art practices in Bahrain. Saudi Duo Basma and Noura Bouzo created this art installation called Al Maha. 15 limited edition pieces of oryx balloon sculptures to mirror the effect of the Terracotta Army (246 BCE). It is also a re-imaging of the work of Jeff Koons. The artist were exploring the copy/paste syndrome, which reminded me of the topic discussed by Nuqat Foundation during their last event.

Pictured above is Henna with patterns inspired by high end logos, like this one of Chanel's, it was on display At Al Riwaq Art Space and titled "Luxury Henna' by artist Eric Parnes

This beautiful art installation is by Bahraini artist Adel AlAbbasi. He used old cassette tapes and drew a portrait of legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kalthoum

Another beautiful art installation is by Bahraini artist Adel AlAbbasi, he crafted the Arabic letter Noon using locks. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Designer: Kamushki

A few months back, the representatives of an emerging jewelry brand called Kamushki have sent me an e-mail to introduce me to their brand. I was familiar with their designs thanks to instagram's explore page, but I never found out the name of their brand until they've contacted me. Kamushki is a brand that was co-founded by two Libyan-born Switzerland/Dubai-based sisters who had an eye for jewellery and loved to travel to build a knowledge of other cultures. 

"In Libya we are big believers of the evil eye and one of the symbols of protection that breaks the eye is the fish.", expressed one of the founders of Kamushki. "In our Libyan traditional clothing there is always big gold fish intertwined within our heavy gold and also we tend to gift a bracelet or small pin with a fish when there is a new born."

Their brand is designed for the 'contemporary, chic and courages’ woman, and the unique designs in the Wishbone and Cyrene collection perfectly embody its heroine muse, creating innovative and eye catching jewellery that tells a story.

The creative sisters came up with their first collection which is the Wishbone collection. They used the fish but reintroduced it in modern, fun and chic way, hence the bone. As for Cyrene collection, it was named after Greek Women warrior which later on a city in Libya that was conquered by the Greeks was named after her. By using sports and fitness symbols such as dumbbells, barbells, medallions and whistles - the everyday items found at the gym, the Cyrene collection is designed to empower the wearer.

To give you more insight into Kamushki visit their website here. You can follow the brand on Instagram by adding @kamushkijewellery.


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