Opal x May Jewelry = Joگal

I was approached by the lovely ladies behind local jewelry line Opal and the creative brain  behind May Jewelry to photo shoot their latest collaborated line of everyday jewelry, Joگal, currently on display at Qirdala.

Joكale is the Latin word derived from the word jewel, which means playful. May Al Qassar of May Jewelry is notorious for her delicate letter designs, and Opal is recognized for their charming designs using colored beads and precious stones. The result? Playful yet utterly chic pieces of jewelry mixing the Arabic letters with the colored beads. I tired to be as creative as I can with the photo shoot with the help of my amazing friend J. I still need to brush up on my photography skills though! What do you think of the result?


SSM said…
Hey Confashions!

Lovely Blog. Where can i find JoKal jewelry in kuwait. I am fairly new here just visit my parents on and off, so would appreciate if i can get to know which mall!