Aurelie Bidermann's Jewelry Showcase in Kuwait

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Aurelie Bidermann's team members right here in my hometown and fell in love with their designs and what they symbolize. The Showcase was hosted by the ever-so-chic entrepreneur Afrah Bu Hamra. Fashion industry's favorite jewelry designer, Aurelie Bidermann, is recognized for its intricate, bohemian chic aesthetic and is really unique and highly contemporary and – well – just very Parisian cool! The everyday-line is quite reasonably priced for the quality and craftsmanship you're getting. The fine line however, is somewhat pricey, but then again, the designer is using diamonds and precious stones in her designs. I personally fell in love with feathers dipped in gold earring shown in the photo above and ended up getting them too. What I loved about them is that you can actually wear them in two way, you can flip them and get that all gold look, or go for the green side to add a pop of color to your look. Genius design! Scholl down from more highlights of the event.

For orders or more inquiries kindly contact Afrah Buhamrah via