Event: Peace of Art Exhibition

I found out about the Peace of Art exhibition by coincidence while doing my regular walks at AlShaheed Park. The exhibition is organized by LOYAC Kuwait, a nonprofit organization working towards the overall development of youth within our region and to empower them through unique opportunities to evolve into highly humane effective citizens.
LOYAC is re-purposing oil barrels into seats that are going to be showcased throughout various venues in all of Kuwait’s governorates. The intention behind using oil barrels is to highlight the nation’s most prized asset, as a symbol of peace and contribution, further underlining Kuwait’s role as an advocate of humanitarian initiatives, activities and breakthroughs.

I was impressed by how organized the exhibition was and by the work of some of the participants/artists. My favorite barrel was this beautiful piece, shown in the first photo above, designed and painted by Ibrahim Habib who is a devoted fine arts educator. According to his bio on display in the exhibition, his dedication towards the development and appreciation of art in Kuwait can be seen through his dynamic roles as an Art Consultant, Instructor, and Head of Art Supervision at Kuwait University, Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah, and Bayt Lothan, respectively. I also liked the artwork done on the barrels shown below. Scroll down to find out who the creative brains behind them:

By the way! You can bid for this beautiful piece and more via this link.

This barrel is painted by Abdulraheem, also known as F160, one of Kuwait’s most promising artists. I personally own two paintings by the artist and one miniature wooden boat. His curiosity towards history, media, poetry and politics, allow him to develop an extreme level of depth behind his work.

This one is more on the funky side! It is painted by Abdulla Al Enizi, a member Kuwait’s extravagant graffiti artist community. This would look cool outdoors.

I love this piece! It is painted by Amira Behbehani, one of Kuwait’s leading female artists. She has engraved herself into Kuwait’s history, as a pioneer in the world of art. I would love to have this piece in a corner at my new home.