Outfit of the Day

I love David Szeto. No one can argue the mastery of his creativity in presenting classic practical pieces in a modern and unique way and his talent of using ruched details in his designs. I remember I bought my first David Szeto piece maybe 8 years ago from AlOthman. It was a blush-pink ruched top and I still have it treasured in my closet! Obviously 2-years rule does not apply to this piece (the 2-years rule is to get rid of clothes that you haven't worn in two years). I must wear it more often..

The reason why I mentioned David Szeto is because last season I bought these volume structured-like shorts by the Canadian-born/Paris-based designer. They were (and still are) my summer staple. The other day I paired them with a plain white Clover Canyon top with golden foil-like details (so unlike Clover Canyon, right?!), and my Liberty London's Iphis Marlborough tote bag.