Monday, September 14, 2015

If only furniture shopping was that easy and affordable...

I completely forgot sharing these photos which I took during my stay in London last month of Harrods' Furniture Department. This section boasts a massive selection of over 70 home furniture brands and the finest interiors to suit various styles and design tastes ranging from the ornately traditional to the ultra-modern and contemporary.

While walking through Harrods' Furniture Department, I was day dreaming and imagining shipping 8 bronze chandeliers back home for a fraction of a price (sigh!). I took some photos for inspiration since I'm currently decorating my home. I didn't even bother to check the price tags as I know for a fact they'd cost an arm and a leg. Appreciating beauty is free of charge, so I'll stick to that for now. You can view more selection online here.

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Marcio Wilges said...

I totally share your exact sentiments when it comes to furniture selection. The variety is so huge that we might just end up making an utter chaos instead of putting together a stunning combo. For now, I am just focusing on a simplistic concept for my furnishing needs as I truly stand by the saying that less is indeed more.


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