Céline Pre Falling in Love

I am 100% dedicated Céline fan (and no this is not a sponsored or paid post, thank you). I could buy, use, and abuse almost all of its merchandise... If I had the spare money of course! I recently passed by the boutique to check out their pre-fall collection. It still amazes me how enthusiastic I get when I see Céline's regulars like the luggage bag and the box bag. Every season I tell myself I'm over the bag, but come new season, and I'm dragged again to that obsession hole. When the Céline box bag hit the scene, it quickly reached "It-bag" status. The shoulder/cross bag became highly coveted and highly carried by street style icons. To this day, I still find this box so appealing and classy! And the pre-fall designs offer new drool-worthy variations, like the burned dark chocolate one with the contrasting yellow stitching and the one with the exotic skin in a beautiful mustardy shade. The shoes? I oddly fell in love with the white leather square-toe pair emblazoned with vaguely heart-shaped gold details (last photo). I know that these would be very hard to pull-off, so my safer bet would be the slip-on sneakers I guess. Will be adding the shoes to my "maybe" shopping wish list.