Outfit of the day

I love Eid! I really do! I feel a little sad when I hear people say, "Who celebrates Eid now a days?!" Or "Eid is for kids", or "Who still buys an Eid Outfit?!". I do! I love the quality time spent with the family, I love how everyone looks clean and well-dressed, I love catching up with cousins I haven't seen for months! Being more charitable, and who doesn't love the Eiddiya (cash that gets distributed as gifts to close relatives)?! Oh well...

I'm sharing with you here my Eid Outfit, I chose to wear a 60's inspired swing coat and a trapeze dress by Giamba, taking inspiration from the legendary Jackie O (truth is I needed something comfy after Ramadan's caftans!!), and paired it with Giambattista Valli embellished heels, and finally my Loro Piana mini pouch in pink ostrich leather.


Pret a Porter P said…
We only get 2 holidays a year, we gotta make the most of it.
You look fabulous! Eid Mubarak!
Anonymous said…
mind me asking is your Loro Piana bought from kuwait?
if so which store sells them?
and how much did it cost?

deeply loved the rose color
Confashion said…
PrĂȘt a Porter
Thank you soooo much for your continuous support and kind words :***

Yes my Loro Piana was bought from kuwait, from the brand's boutique in Salhiya Complex. I can't remember the exact cost of it unfortunately :(( Sorry!
Anonymous said…
Will you sell the bag?