Oumnia by Nivine Maktabi

If you love modern and unique carpets, you're probably familiar with the name Lebanese designer Nivine Maktabi. Having studied the History of Carpets and Textiles at Sotheby’s institute in London UK, Maktabi decided to introduce Carpets and Kelim Culture with a design touch adding her own creations influenced by her Middle Eastern background.

In 2006 she had launched her concept store, Oumnia in Saifi Village Beirut, specializing in handwoven Tribal & Decorative carpets, and embroidered vintage/contemporary multipurpose textiles suiting modern and western interiors. She also creates designs executed on bespoke handmade carpets and then transferring the same pattern on pashmina cashmere shawls, which I think is quite genius! Can you image sending or receiving such a bespoke gift as a home welcome gesture *hint hint to my parents*?

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