Fancy in Frosted Flakes

Anya Hindmarch's frosted flakes tote bag is not new I know, BUT! Anya Hindmarch's compact shoulder bag IS! At least new to me! I usually don't get tempted into buying something that was a big hype LAST season, as I know that this sudden passion will soon fizzle before I know it, but this  cobalt-blue textured-leather baby cross bag is giving me a second thought. I know I'm loving it because of it's compact perfect-for-traveling size and the fact that it's embossed with the iconic 'Frosties' character. So I decided to sleep on it and see if I still want it after 24 hours. Or maybe just settle for the Frosties leather sticker, my savings account would be more happy with that option.

Anya Hindmarch's frosted flakes bags are available at Harvey Nichols Kuwait.