Egyptian Exhibtion at Kuwait International Fairground

I've seen a lot of coverage about The Egyptian Exhibition at Kuwait International Fairground in Mishref by fellow bloggers and instagrammers, plus my aunt kept raving about it, so I decided to pay it a visit and see what the fuss is all about. First of all, the amount of cotton caftans I've seen by the many booth participating there was really insane and kind of repetitive. However, they all shared one main quality. Everything was SO CHEAP!! In value that is. I mean you could buy 4 cotton casual caftans for KD 20 only!! Mind you, not all had nice designs, but if you browsed hard, you might find a style or two that looked quite decent. Actually I was quite impressed by a couple of booths there. On was a booth for Syrian merchandise, which I ended up buying 4 caftans from mainly because I'm in love with hand embroidered cross-stitching (check out the photos above), and an African booth which sold all sorts of African accessories and nick-knacks. In fact, the Kenyan sales lady was so happy with my purchase of charm (shown in the last photo), she was like "Thank you for supporting Africa". How sweet!?>! I took a photo of her necklace, I love this colorful beading, so perfect for the summer!

The exhibition will be on until 14th or 15th of July I think. Go there for something fun and different.