Where to Eat in Beirut

If there's one thing that I'd never change about myself it would be my passion for food. Probably the best thing about being alive, no matter the situation, is eating good food. And in Beirut, I would say 95% of the places I have tried out were simply amazing. So here's a list of the restaurants to go to if you ever plan to visit Beirut anytime soon. 
  1. Souk el Tayeb: an open air, weekly farmers market held every Saturday in downtown Beirut at the Beirut Souks. A must for brunch or an early lunch, and you have to try Manaeesh Om Ali, you'll know which booth from the long queue
  2. Tawlet: (shown in the first batch of photos here) is the farmers’ kitchen of Souk el Tayeb. Every day a different cook from a different area prepares an all you can eat buffet with some of the freshest, in season food ingredients, bringing their own twist on local earthy food. The place is very cozy and tucked in a side street off Armenia Street. We had a late lunch there and the food was amazing! Well worth the trouble! They also sell some of Souk el Tayeb's products, great gift ideas there
  3. For a quick snack or coffee and sweets, head to THE MET, a trendy cafe located at Beirut Souks. Try their bread pudding (shown below). Heavenly! It's a nice place to chill and people-watch
  4. Liza: Yup! It's the same Liza restaurant of Paris. Now the upscale Middle Eastern restaurant is in Achrafieh. The building and ambiance of this place is just breathtaking! It occupies the second floor of a 19th-century palace. The smart contemporary furnishings is just beyond beautiful! I wanted to ship everything to Kuwait! And the food??!?! OMG! The BEST I've had during my stay! Try their Sayyadeieh and Kuftah cooked with pomegranate molasses.
  5. Gavi: If you're looking for some authentic Italian cuisine, then head to Gavi. one of the trendiest Italian restaurants in Beirut. A contemporary environment with a beautiful terrace for  dinners/lunches in summer. Outdoor seating is preferable.
  6. Lux: A very hip organic gourmet restaurant and an urban Lounge. Try their carpaccio and follow it up with some Lemon cake. We bumped into designer Rabih Kayrouz there which was awesome (and we saw him at Souk el tayeb the next day).
Where is your favorite place to eat in Beirut? 
The bread pudding at THE MET

And here's a whole bunch of photos of Liza the restaurant

Some of the dishes we have ordered at Gavi. Don't miss out on their black truffle Gnocchi