The Neon Gifts - New collection 2015

Tired of all the generic greeting cards that you find in the malls? The Neon Gifts, a quirky UAE-based stationary company, released its new collection today, which comes complete with dazzling Eid money envelopes and jumbo birthday cards.

The Neon Gifts Correspondence Cards are a highlight of the collection. These unique cards contain all letters of the Arabic alphabet in gold metallic foil. Perfect for when you want to send a note of thanks, say hello, or to simply beautify your desk. Their Eid Envelopes, with their colourful pockets give you a unique way in which to gift Eid money. Cash is king, after all, and your king will sit nicely in these dazzling money envelopes.

The entire new collection, as well as the existing best selling stationary items, are all available to order online at