Ready to Hit the Beach

I grew up in a place where people rarely ever wore hats. They didn't need to. Men are usually in either the traditional headwear or wearing a baseball cap. And women wear either hijab or not. So how come we don't embrace the fashion of hats in all shapes and sizes? I think most women in Kuwait dislike to be stared at in weird way just because they're wearing a hat. Of course it's normal to wear a beach hat for the beach to protect themselves from the sun, but wearing one to go, let's say shopping? That's something that is abnormal in Kuwait. It's not considered wrong nor right, just plain weird. You know what? Maybe I'll wear one tomorrow for work? Must snap that when I do!

Anyhow, I found these really cool straw hats at Harvey Nichols Kuwait that will have you looking effortlessly chic this summer. I loved Eugenia Kim's "Do Not Disturb" sequin script wide brim hat! The exact sentiments felt lounging on the beach or poolside. You can find it online here. I also liked the 20's inspired lace boater hat in the first photo above by an Italian brand called Super Duper. You'll find so many creative and unique pieces by this brand here.