Orient 499

I love Orient 499. Who doesn't?! I mean, If I could, I would just ship everything in-store to Kuwait and decorate my home with it. I previously posted about this gorgeous Beirut-based store on my blog here and here. It has a vast selection of oriental/Middle Eastern clothes and home accessories with a modern twist.Whomever does their visual merchandising is just plain genius.

The children's corner and the hidden garden are my favorite sections of the stores with a new collection of girls mini kaftans as well as sherwel for little boys. The dining room is breathtaking with products to make any hostess weak in the knees. The bedroom is beautifully decorated with a pretty collection of bed linens, iconic oriental sofas, and lights. Everything is just so pretty and almost all of the items are quite pricey, especially the caftans!! I can justify buying a piece of furniture or home accessory that will last for years and years to come, but a caftan that's over $1,000 is just not worth it (but daaaaymn they look so good!!).