Introducing Exocet

One of my greatest discoveries during Beirut Design Week was a Paris/Beirut-based brand called EXOCET. I found out about it when I visited Starch boutique located at Saifi Village. For you who are not familiar with the name, the starch foundation is a lebanese non-profit organization founded by renowned designer Rabih Keyrouz,  

The brand EXOCET is born in Paris in August 2014 through the union of two designers originally from Beirut and from Hong-Kong who have graduated from ESMOD in Paris . The name EXOCET, signifiyng a flying fish, is thus inspired from this metis and unbrideled origin. This is a symbol of their hybrid creations.

According to the one of the brand's designer Yasmine Jabir, whom I had the pleasure of meeting there, EXOCET is a union between fashion and technology mixing traditional savoir faire (working with leather goods) and an avant-garde technique (3D printing). The theme of Mélange and hybridization is an integral part of their identity and each bag holds a hybrid animal or a vegetal figure 3D printed in France.

These photos do not do the bags any justice really. I fell in love with the craftsmanship and the details, especially the 3D printed figure one in dark maroon. Scroll down to check them out. And with this post I end my Beirut posts, I hope you enjoyed reading them!