I Love Ramadan

So excited about Ramadan!! I love it! I love the fact that:
  1. It's all about worship and inner peace
  2. Spending quality time with the family
  3. Greatest month in the Islamic calendar
  4.  Get to do more of what is reuiqred from me to do as a muslim
  5. Hear the beautiful voice of Imam's in Mecca during prayers
  6. All those beautiful caftans 
  7. The fact that I can go out in my caftan to public places and get away with it
Today I made sure to decorate our home to get my kids into the Ramadan spirit. It also adds some warmth to the TV room.What do you think of my humble decoration? What do you love the most about Ramadan?

Ramadan Kareem and wishing every one a peaceful and blessed month. xoxo


Pret a Porter P said…
ramadan mubarak :D