Event: Finnish and Dutch Exhibitions at Beirut Design Week

During my stay in Beirut, I made sure to check out the Finnish Design Exhibition, promoting designers from Helsinki, and The Dutch Design Exhibition, which featured 12 Dutch design studio. Both exhibitions were held at Beirut Souks as part of the activities of Beirut Design Week

Beirut Design Week is an initiative of the MENA Design Research Center, a Beirut-based non-profit organization launched in 2012, that has developed an established annual platform to network, share knowledge, and showcase creative talents in order to strengthen the creative economies, develop entrepreneurship, and promote Lebanon’s innovative culture.

Visiting those two exhibitions were a fantastic refresher on something that has started to interest me greatly, interior home decoration. Personally I love the whole Scandinavian, nordic, and Dutch designs and try to be inspired by their creativity. I already took notes on how to decorate my new home and what to buy. I'll share with you in this post some of the designs that I liked.

Let's start with these artistic tiles by Story Tiles,  a selection of miniature pieces of art based on the Old Dutch tiles, that have been made since the 16th century. All the designs are made by the designer Marga van Oers, whom I had the pleasure to meet at the exhibition. She created her work on the tiles and had them traditionally baked in Holland.

Another item that caught my attention are these colorful and neat-looking pendant lamps, made out of cardboard. The designer explained to me that the surface of the lamp is laminated which makes it possible to keep it clean. This design is introduced by & Bros design studio.

& Bros is an award-winning design studio with three designers and one graphic designer from Helsinki, Finland. Their product line is modern with a hint of playfulness.

One of the items that caught my attention in the Finnish Exhibition was this truly beautiful knob, which look like a wall jewel! There were different styles of it but I only managed to take a photo of this one. They're made by the iconic Finnish company Iittala has recently launches Aarre, a unique collection of mouth-blown decorative knobs, as a tribute to glass master Oiva Toikka.They should be available to to the public sometime in August.


Anonymous said…
Hello, what's the name of the designer of those super cool huge light stands? ( in your photo one is hanging from the ceiling and the other is on the floor- they look like huge stones). Thanks!