Caftans in Ramadan

As we start the holy month of Ramadan month, the word “Caftan” suddenly becomes unavoidable,  usually uttered in the same context as pre-futoor yoga cleanses, Ghabqa's (a meal that takes place after midnight and to which guests are invited to share Suhoor, the last meal before fasting), and futoor (breaking your fast) menu! And because I feel a bit sluggish most of the time, I’d much rather be lounging in something billowy and comfortable, especially that avoiding carbs and sugars during this month is a pain! Luckily, in Kuwait, the options for a caftan are endless!! And even though a large number of local caftans brands are very repetitive, crazy colorful/mixed and unmatched (in a bad way), and attention to detail is their rarest quality, we do have a good number of local brands that exceed the expectations and are ahead of the local bunch in terms of quality, design, and creativity. Those designers are the ones I'm proud of and personally follow their latest updates. I'm not going to name them, at least not in today's post. I'll just settle for sharing some photos of caftans spotted during our first Ramadan outing. In the photo above, I chose to wear a caftan designed by a newly established brand called Shams Concept. Their stitching is impeccable! It doesn't show in the photo but it has that high-collar detail with a deep v-neck that would make better "Cersei Lannister" green with envy! :P The hem of the caftan is covered with bronze-colored discs. Of course I accessories the piece with my Monies golden necklace and Souk Mubarakiya turquoise/KD5 tassel necklace.

Which local brand did you wear for your first Ramadan outing?

Caftan by Nunupinkbyreem