Fellow blogger and talented designer of BAKCHIC has the best styling and some of the best photage art direction. She has recently launches her SS 2015 collection inspired by the Magic region of Imilchil, a small town in central Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains with a population of about 1,858. It's better known for the celebration of colorful Berber weddings. BAKCHIC decided to marry glitters and traditions with her latest collection, and we think she did an amazing job.

First, here's a little something about Imilchil. Once every September, a festival is held at Imilchil in which the young are allowed to choose a spouse for themselves, which is quite unusual for a community usually confined by tribal traditions. The would-be brides and grooms are free to pick whoever they wish to marry. Dressed in roughly woven black robes, bohemian-inspired layers, and jangling silver jewelry decorated with amber beads around their necks and heads. Scroll down for some of my favorite looks of BAKCHIC's Spring/Summer 2015 collection.