New Designer: ReeM Al-Rawi

I have recently received an e-mail from an emerging designer and artist, ReeM Al-Rawi. She has recently launched an exclusive statement design items of artistic identity, as you can see from the featured images. Her objective of her designs is to allow Middle Eastern women to make a statement  using designs inspired by their historical background and rich heritage, especially now a days with our region suffering from an identity crisis issues.  

ReeM Al-Rawi completed her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Architecture at Carleton University.  Her style in art tends to follow the mixture between the architectural style mixed with forms of Arabic calligraphy to complete the art pieces with references of Social and Cultural context. I loved the artistic work done on the clutch below, I would wear it all year around and especially with caftans.

You can find out more about ReeM Al-Rawi by clicking here