New Designer: Bouguessa

While organizing the #CaftanAlOthman event for the multi high-end brand boutique in Kuwait AlOthman, I was dying to include this newly launched Dubai-based brand called Bouguessa. Unfortunately the brand had other commitments and was unable to participate with out event. 

Bouguessa is the first Minimalist Modest Luxury Fashion brand of its kind. Its designs reinvent the iconic abaya and introduce a relaxed style for the modern middle eastern women’s wardrobe. Bouguessa's main goal is to make sure that the traditional Abaya criteria are respected, while allowing the consumers to feel confident in their style and able to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

Faiza Bouguessa is the CEO and creative director of the Company. She single-handedly developed the idea of the contemporary Abaya, and designed the first collection. She is involved in every step of the development of the company. Faiza has extensive knowledge on fashion and the latest trend forecasts in the fashion industry. Prior to Founding Bouguessa, she was the Public Relations Representative for a consultancy firm assisting emerging brands to establish in the UAE market. 

The fringed caftan is my absolute favorite with its easy-to-wear design and versatility. You can get to know more about the brand by clicking here.

Photo credit: Arabia