In My Closet: Charlotte Olympia's 'Patty' Sandals

I just realized that the focus in this photo is more on my Marques'Almeida frayed-hem denim top than my Charlotte Olympia's 'Patty' sandals, the main subject of this post. Anyhow, I promise to take a better picture next time. Alternatively, you can click here.  These are the most comfortable heels I have bought the past couple of years I think! I stood in them for hours in an exhibition I participated in last month and I honestly didn't feel tired at all! And this is coming from someone who just cannot tolerate the pain and agony of wearing heels everyday. I first fell in love with them because they fabric is covered in bandana-like paisley-prints and works really well with any denim pants or denim skirts. You can purchase them online here.