Getting to Know Seham Studio

After the positive feedback Seham Studio received during its first showcase at The White Expo, almost all of the brand's merchandise was sold out according to our trusty resources ;), I have decided to write a proper post about Seham Studio's debut collection. 

Kuwait-based brand Seham Studio is the brainchild of four focused, passionate and hands-on sisters with a single focus: to deliver trendy, budget-friendly, and fun kids kaftans, all while making sure they're having some fun doing it. The fabrics used in their designs are sourced from Kuwait, Europe, and USA. What I like about their designs is that most of the creations presented during the exhibition are good enough for both Ramadan and the entire summer. The separates can easily be paired with other wardrobe-staples. And all of their designs are accessories with either a necklace, a brooch, or cute motifs. 

Scroll down to have a closer look at their designs. You can find out more of Seham Studio images by visiting their instagram account @SehamStudio.