Event: White Expo

I haven't been to a lot of exhibitions lately mainly because I dread crowded places, and there hasn't been something specific that I needed that was only sold at an exhibition. Thanks to instagram and online shopping sites, everything is accessible and easy to get. That said, I did go to The White Expo, mainly because my family was participating in it. So I did a quick tour around and I liked several booths, some I managed to take photos of like Ghain Ghada's modern caftans, Royalzz silver accessories, and Fann home accessories. And some I shamefully forgot to take photos of like Haremlique's turkish home accessories and loungewear, Leenoda's cute mobile straps, and Qamar's preppy chic caftans. 

I'll leave you now with some highlights of The White Expo

Indian accessories by Royalzz, You can follow them on instagram for more variety of jewelry accessories to pair with your Ramadan Caftans. 

One of my favorite White Expo finds was this hand painted clutch with golden embroidered detail by the talented Reem Al Bader of Fann, a Kuwait-based home accessories and lifestyle concept which focuses on their original artistic details. 


Irene Kleimann said…
Wow, these are clutches?! Outstanding! I thought they were paintings, and just wanted to ask who was the artist. Beautiful.