Event: Roaming Patterns by Abdulla Al Awadi

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Kuwaiti artist and trained architect Abdulla Al Awadi's latest solo exhibition titled Roaming Patterns. The exhibition, which was held at Dar Al Funoon, was showcasing adornments, jewelry, prints, caftans, and handbags all re-introduced with Al Awadi's signature Arabic calligraphy and were rich with new pop culture graphic designs.

I think this is the 3rd time that Al Awadi collaborated with Beirut-based designer Sarah's Bag to produce a limited edition of clutches using his signature graphic designs. I liked the ones inspired by Kuwait's marine life as the corals looked striking against the pearl patterns. The caftans are ideal for someone who likes wearing bright silk caftans, they're not my style, but I can see their appeal on some people. My favorite part of the exhibition has to be the accessories. I loved the way he mixed Arabic calligraphy with rosary-like necklaces. I got one for myself, which I'm wearing quite frequently layered up with my everyday necklaces.

Abdulla Al Awadi is a man of many trades. He is a trained architect and currently teaches in the Department of Architecture in Kuwait University. He also designs contemporary clothes, theatrical costumes, jewelry, accessories, indoor and outdoor installations and plastic art. He is also a photographer, a makeup artist, an art director, a choreographer and a lover of poetry.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is already over, but you may contact Dar Al Funoon if you're interested to get in touch with the designer.