Event: The 11 Charity Event

I had the pleasure of attending a charity photography exhibit today, held at Al Tilal Gallery, showcasing a collection of photos taken by The 11an active group of eleven Kuwaiti photographers, during a trip to Vietnam in 2014. The groups of 11 photographers were selling all photographs, including a coffee table book featuring the full photo library during the exhibit. What's very nice a generous about their charitable event is that all proceeds from sales will be donated to The Kuwait Center for Autism.

What I loved about their portrait photos of the people living in that part of the world, is that you can actually feel the mood of each photo, they're something surreal about seeing people with a completely different culture in their natural habitat, observing their surroundings, and in my case, getting a close look at their traditional fashion. Everything, from the silver hand-made jewelry, to the embroidered details of the clothes, was quite captivating to me. I would love to visit Vietnam one day and explore such places.

Scroll down for some of my favorite photos.