Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Cutest Eyeglasses Holder

I recently found about about a new, or at least new to me, boutique called Melocotón when I visited their booth in White Expo. They were displaying a selection of cute caftans and accessories, but what caught my attention are these quirky cool eyeglasses or ID badge holders. You just insert your glasses' frame into the look and you'll never loose them again! smart! Or you canjust wear it as a necklace for that cool factor. I must visit their store soon to find out what other funky things they have in-store.

Melocotón boutique is located at Mubarakiya AlTurath Mall. Follow them on instagram for more updates and info.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Green with Céline

Céline's box bag is just about one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen in the fashion world. In its short span, the bag managed to accomplish what every handbag designer is dying to achieve, the timeless bag to invest in. I see my Céline Nano, trio, and box bags as an investment piece that survived more than 4 seasons in a row.

Whether you’re a young mom looking to carry a timeless bag that you can wear for years to come or a corporate maven looking for a chic day bag that announces that you’ve arrived, the many colors and variations on the classic Céline box bag mean that there’s likely to find a version that will fulfill your fashion needs. I spotted this emerald green beauty at the brand's boutique recently. I think the color is seasonless and would work well with many outfits. Speaking of the box bag, do you know that you can customize it to your favorite color and leather?

How would you like to have your own Céline's box bag? Would you go for an exotic skin or a plain leather? A bright color or a muted one?

Friday, May 29, 2015


Just tried out this really cool restaurant that opened up recently in Kuwait City called Bao. The casual-cool diner offers a selection of Chinese-style steamed buns with a variety of flavors. Their salads were really delicious too, we've tried the quinoa salad and I think the other one was Thai inspired if I'm not mistaken. A really nice place if you want some cozy space to spend quality time with your friends, and the fact that there is a HUGE parking space next to it is major plus.

Bao is located at Kuwait City, Sharq Khaled Bin Waleed St. opposite Sharq Police Station roundabout. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Outfit of the Day

For the Caftan AlOthman event, which I posted about here. I chose to wear a quirky cool caftan designed by the talented Sharifa Al Falah of Shugar Collection. I paired it with my summer sandals by Isabel Marant. I love how they have this hippie chic factor to their style, decorated with multicoloured suede and leather front tassels. You can find them online here. And I found the perfect spot to take the photos at! The ecru corner at AlOthman Boutique! I blend in so well with the wall! Now you see me and now you don't! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Event: Caftan AlOthman

AlOthman Boutique held its second edition of Ramadan Caftans exhibition featuring a vast selection of caftans by amazing local talents such as: Anfal Designs @anfal_designs, By Sama @sama_designs, Ghain Ghada @ghain_ghada, Hamsa @hamsakwt, Jallabiya @jallabiya, Qamar @qamar_kw, Shams Concept @shamsconcept, Shugar Collection @shugarcollection, Thoub Sabbii @thoub_sabii, and Yasmin Sultan @YasminSultan. I love this specific event because you get exposed to the crème de la crème of local caftans designers, and most of the pieces displayed during the event are exclusively designed for AlOthman Boutique. I personally purchased a caftan from Qamar and from their previous exhibitions I purchased one from Shams and one from Shugar Collection. Last day for AlOthman Boutique's Caftan AlOthman exhibition is Sunday 7th June. Their opening hours are from 10am to 9:30pm. Closed on Fridays. Scroll down for some highlights of the event. 

How easy and comfy do these caftans look?! Designed by Sama

A beautiful design by Kuwait-based brand Hamsa

Loved the style of these chic ladies

One of my favorite pieces by Kuwait-based brand Qamar

One of Jallabiya's best sellers, the striped cape caftan

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Event: Orient 499 at Dar Al Funoon

The other day I passed by the renowned Beirut-based brands Orient 499 and Iwan Maktabi's exhibition that was hosted at Dar Al Funoon in Kuwait. I was more interested to see their home accessories than the caftans. Besides, their caftans although they were very nice and pretty, they were REALLY overpriced. I guess they had to hike up their prices to cover their travel costs? Anyhow, their home accessories were really worth viewing. I loved the mix of modern ethno-chic objects, combining old tradition with a touch of modernity. The Ikat rug by Iwan Maktabi's was my ultimate favorite. I would definitely invest in such a piece for my future home. Scroll down for some of my favorite pieces. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

I Won the 2015 Arab Woman Awards!!!

And I won!!!! Yay!!! I'm extremely thrilled to have won last night's 2015 Arab Woman Awards in the "New Media" category. 

It's really something to recognize women’s exceptional contributions and achievements in the demanding world of business, education and other various fields of life. The Arab Woman Awards were established in Dubai in 2009 by ITP, the region’s largest publishers of women’s magazine in the region. The awards were launched in order to provide a culturally acceptable platform for Arab women to celebrate their achievements. 

I'm very thankful to be recognized for my over 16 years of marketing and business development expertise. I have started my career in the banking and investments sector for 14 years followed by 3 years in the marketing filed of fashion retail. Plus I have started my blog over 8 years ago and I believe I was quite committed to both my work and my blog, putting my family of course as my first priority. It's very tough I'm telling you and it's very stressful. But thanks to my husband and my family, my support system, I wouldn't have done it without them.  

Special thank you to my family, friends, and followers for the continuous support, and I hope I'll be able to meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you for everything.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outfit of the Big Day

When I received a call from the representative of Arab Woman Awards, I was beyond excited! To be nominated for the Arab Woman Awards 2015 in the "New Media" category, and to be among all these hardworking and inspiring Arab women women is something I only dreamed of! And this dream has become a reality. I had to pinch myself during the call to believe it. 

Launched in 2009, the Arab Woman Awards mission is to provide a culturally accepted platform to raise public awareness of the significant achievements of Arab women across the GCC and provide positive role models for young women. The ten-year vision is to have awarded over 500 inspirational, talented & deserving Arab women. 

So for the big day, I chose to wear this featured outfit. I thought I must look professional and not overly over-the-top. So I went for my Pierre Balmain cape-like blazer and paired it with a pair of Helmut Lang cropped pants, black top by Alexander Wang, knotted heels with brooches by No. 21, and layered my favorite Monies necklaces for that oomph factor. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Off-White Espadrilles

If I could buy one pair of espadrilles this Summer, I would blindly go for these striped and patched espadrilles from the uber cool brand Off-White. Unfortunately for me, this style is from the men's collection, which means there is no way in hell that the shoes come in size 37. So I could settle for second best, which is the patched t-shirt, and I found a women's version of it online here.  

Off-White is The new venture from Vigil Abloh – Kanye West’s creative director, designer for Hood by Air and the man behind Pyrex Vision – Off-White is an Italian made label that embraces cutting edge trends without compromising on quality. Originally trained as an architect, Vigil Abloh's designs are chic and have this level of taste that comes with the Parisian aesthetic.

You may shop Off-White here or pass by Harvey Nichols Kuwait's men's section.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

In My Closet: Charlotte Olympia's 'Patty' Sandals

I just realized that the focus in this photo is more on my Marques'Almeida frayed-hem denim top than my Charlotte Olympia's 'Patty' sandals, the main subject of this post. Anyhow, I promise to take a better picture next time. Alternatively, you can click here.  These are the most comfortable heels I have bought the past couple of years I think! I stood in them for hours in an exhibition I participated in last month and I honestly didn't feel tired at all! And this is coming from someone who just cannot tolerate the pain and agony of wearing heels everyday. I first fell in love with them because they fabric is covered in bandana-like paisley-prints and works really well with any denim pants or denim skirts. You can purchase them online here.   

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Summer Bag

Allow me to introduce you to my bag obsession for this summer, my half leather Loeffler Randall bucket bag with a woven raffia base and finished with tasseled drawstrings. I chose to decorate it with my fend monster and other charms I have collected and was gifted the past could of years. They kind of add some character to the bag, wouldn't you say? I wear it as a cross bag for hands-free shopping, it's easy to carry, very light, and very room as it fits all of my junk. And of course the best part was its price point! Very budget friendly as it was less than KD 100 (USD 300)! Love it! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Designer: Bouguessa

While organizing the #CaftanAlOthman event for the multi high-end brand boutique in Kuwait AlOthman, I was dying to include this newly launched Dubai-based brand called Bouguessa. Unfortunately the brand had other commitments and was unable to participate with out event. 

Bouguessa is the first Minimalist Modest Luxury Fashion brand of its kind. Its designs reinvent the iconic abaya and introduce a relaxed style for the modern middle eastern women’s wardrobe. Bouguessa's main goal is to make sure that the traditional Abaya criteria are respected, while allowing the consumers to feel confident in their style and able to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

Faiza Bouguessa is the CEO and creative director of the Company. She single-handedly developed the idea of the contemporary Abaya, and designed the first collection. She is involved in every step of the development of the company. Faiza has extensive knowledge on fashion and the latest trend forecasts in the fashion industry. Prior to Founding Bouguessa, she was the Public Relations Representative for a consultancy firm assisting emerging brands to establish in the UAE market. 

The fringed caftan is my absolute favorite with its easy-to-wear design and versatility. You can get to know more about the brand by clicking here.

Photo credit: Arabia

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Outfit of the Day

I think I'll be wearing and tearing this look for our sizzling hot long summer. It's so cool (temperature wise) and easy to wear. I chose to pair my Cecile COPENHAGEN shirt (more here) with a pair of TopShop culottes, a pair of Altuzarra's tonal-gray water snake flat sandals decorated with beige sea shells (heeled version here), and finished the look with some statement layered necklaces. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Event: Ricardas Blazukas 'Geometry of Colour' Exhibition at Almakan

I have recently paid a visit to Ricardas Blazukas 'Geometry of Colour' exhibition at Almakan in Kuwait City. Blazukas is a published artist amongst UK design magazines. His latest work is displayed and sold on Saatchi Art online platform, where he received attention from Saatchi Art curators and was consecutively selected as part of their featured collections. He has been in Kuwait for only 9 months and has managed to line up his first ever solo exhibition. 

According to Saatchi Art online platformRicardas Blazukas is an independent artist and professional architect, who was born and raised in post-soviet Lithuania, currently based between Kuwait and London. Ricardas’ work is highly influenced by architectural - geometrical and sculptural qualities combined with urban influences / graffiti, typography and colour.

My favorite of his work has to be the Pyramid sculptures, as shown in the featured photos. There is something captivating in the design that make you want to look at its core and break it down into a million pieces visually of course. 

His exhibition is till going on at Almakan located in Kuwait City, opposite to Fabrics Market.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Just Like Isabel Marant...

I was browsing the collection at high-street store Bimba and Lola, and spotted these tassels decorated sandals. These look very familiar, I thought to myself. Wait!!! These are very much "inspired" by Isabel Marant's Clay tassel leather sandals. You can compare for yourself here.

I haven't done this "Just like…" exercise for a while! I'm glad it's kick starting with this post. More to come.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Event: White Expo

I haven't been to a lot of exhibitions lately mainly because I dread crowded places, and there hasn't been something specific that I needed that was only sold at an exhibition. Thanks to instagram and online shopping sites, everything is accessible and easy to get. That said, I did go to The White Expo, mainly because my family was participating in it. So I did a quick tour around and I liked several booths, some I managed to take photos of like Ghain Ghada's modern caftans, Royalzz silver accessories, and Fann home accessories. And some I shamefully forgot to take photos of like Haremlique's turkish home accessories and loungewear, Leenoda's cute mobile straps, and Qamar's preppy chic caftans. 

I'll leave you now with some highlights of The White Expo

Indian accessories by Royalzz, You can follow them on instagram for more variety of jewelry accessories to pair with your Ramadan Caftans. 

One of my favorite White Expo finds was this hand painted clutch with golden embroidered detail by the talented Reem Al Bader of Fann, a Kuwait-based home accessories and lifestyle concept which focuses on their original artistic details. 


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