Nº21 Layered Mules and Slippers

When I posted this photo of my new Nº21 layered satin slippers, I didn't think it would cause such a commotion! It was my most liked instagram post like ever! It got re-posted at least 4 times, and I got asked about all the time. I was beyond flattered and happy, and I have to give credit to my stylish sister who discovered them first, and when we saw them in Selfridges in London last March she strongly urged me to try them on! I;m so glad she did. I fell in love with them so much, which made me buy two (maybe more! *girn*)  pairs of them in different colors! Something I don't normally do!! And you know what? I don't regret buying them at all, the shoes are very comfortable, insanely chic, and very unique. And guess what? You can buy the last pair in size 37 online here! Catch them before they're gone!