My Green Man

I was beyond thrilled and honored when the representative of the world's most famous department store  Harrods contacted me to participate in their #MyGreenMan campaign. 

Basically I was sent a special and iconic figurine synonymous with the brand, a Harrods Green Man, all the way from UK, to celebrate The Vogue Festival 2015. To participate I had to share photos on my social media account of the pocket-sized Green Man on my travels and in my own settings. Only 550 pieces were made of the green man and were sent to select family and friends of Harrods  around the globe. So I feel very lucky to be among this group!

An icon the world over, there has been a Harrods Green Man on duty at every door of London’s most luxurious department store for more than 100 years. 

I have chosen to showcase #MyGreenMan within the settings of one of my favorite local brands called ecru and matched him to his Arabic letter. I actually now carry in my bag, looking for other settings to capture him in. Follow my instagram to see where he'll be going next.