Event: Qirdala Showcases Dori Mouzannar and Alia Mouzannar's Collection in-store

Kuwait-based mulit-brand jewelry shop Qirdala hosted an event to showcase the 6th generation of the Mouzannar legacy, Beirut-based fine jewelry creators Dori Mouzannar and Alia Mouzannar's latest designs.

The event also showcased the Silence Cuff, a diamond-encrused cuff bracelet designed by celebrated architect and talented designer Zaha Hadid in collaboration with the House of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar. I personally liked the collection displayed by the Mouzabbar family more than Zaha Hadid's cuff. Don't get me wrong, I love Zaha Hadid's architectural designs, but her collaborations in the fashion industry were not really a big hit. At least in my humble opinion. Like the Melissa shoes, Lacoste shoes, and the United Nude limited edition haute couture shoes. Not my thing. But what Hadid done for the mobile Chanel Pavilion gallery that spent the bulk of 2008 traveling the world, was beyond amazing. 

Anyhow, Dori Mouzannar and Alia Mouzannar's latest designs are now on display at Qirdala in AlTilal Complex. 

The earrings which I previously posted about on my blog here. these beauties can be worn in 3 different ways.