Planning to visit London anytime soon? You must try Coya for dinner, that is if you haven't already! Coya is a Peruvian restaurant in Piccadilly. The food was finger-licking good! I especially loved the potatoes cookies with black truffles (shown in this photo). I must say it is one of the best dinner I have ever had in London, that said, I felt the staff were a little too keen to get us out of the restaurant, and then I found out that they have a 2-hours turnaround tables policy, which explained why the food (and ourselves) were rushed in! And I'm not sure if it was me or my imagination, but I felt that they seated the guests by their race! Coz all the Arabs were seated at the far corner of the basement. I hope I'm wrong though!

I forgot to mention that Coya is also available in Dubai, I haven't been to it yet but I've heard that it's just as great if not better.


Anonymous said…
you're not wrong at all, popular places in london have this unwritten policy of seating all the arabs in the far end corner where they aren't seen. and if you're a khaleeji showered in perfume god help you they may make you sit in the toilet.

and again you're right with coya's 2 hr seating policy its applied to the dubai branch as well which i think is very rude especially if you changed your mind and wanted to order more items or dessert.

but i have to disagree with you over the food its good but forgetable, next time you're in london check out chotto matte