Confashions Hosted an Event at Ralph Lauren Boutique

A few weeks ago I was approached by the lovely Ralph Lauren team for an opportunity to host a luxury event at the brand's boutique in Prestige, The Grand Avenue. The event is to celebrate the launch of Ralph Lauren's Ricky Drawstring bag at the store. I was also offered to style the models for the occasion, in 12 different looks that represent my style. To say that I was flattered would be an understatement, I was a bit scared at the beginning as I wasn't so sure how to represent this refined and amazing world of Ralph Lauren, and giving it my own quirky personal style. I was worried it might clash. All my doubts were proved wrong as I visited the store a couple of days before the actual event to browse the selection and prepare the looks for the event. I examined the brand's Spring 15 Black Label Collection up close, beautifully made of refined contrasts, amazing details, with feminine and modern feel. I was impressed by how beautiful and inspiring the collection was. The pieces can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe, mixed and matched with quirky cool tops and skirts to add a beautiful balance. I tried to stick to the signature aesthetics of the brand when I prepared the looks for for the event, and at the same time styled them in a way to give a true representation of my personal style. I must say I was quite pleased by the end results. 

At the event, we had the most amazing artist who flew in all the way from London Jo Bird to sketch the looks I created for Ralph Lauren's Black Label line for our lovely guests live, and completely customized with their names. 

The event kickstarted with the looks I created to promote the Ralph Lauren Black Label collection, along with the beautiful Drawstring bag! Guests got to try out the bag and inquire about the colors and sizes it comes in. I loved the mini size of the Drawstring bag, it was light, very easy to carry, and most importantly, fits all my day junk!

And finally as part of the event's agenda we had a raffle and the winner would get KD 550 store credit at Ralph Lauren's store in Kuwait.  My beautiful friend (she is really very beautiful!!) fell in love with the bright orange Drawstring Ricky bag in the mini size and bought it. At the end of the evening, when the Ralph Lauren team randomly picked a winner, it was her who won!!! She is so in love with her bag that now she's tempted to buy a another one with her store credit! Congrats beautiful D! This drawstring bag is your new lucky charm! And that's not all! The next day she was having a stroll in one of the malls in Kuwait, and she bumped into the former president of Lebanon Michel Sleiman and his wife, sitting in a cafe. She had to take a selfie with the former president AND the bag! That was hilarious! I'll be posting that photo on my instagram (@confashions) today! 

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Ralph Lauren event which I hosted last night. It was a pleasure meeting all the new faces and styling the brand's Black Label line. A massive thank you goes to my cousins, friends, family, and the beyond lovely Ralph Lauren team for making this experience a memorable one! Now scroll down for highlights of the evening.