Chanel Girl Bag and Co.

As part of my Prestige instagram takeover, I passed by Chanel's boutique to check out what's new. I spotted two different versions of Chanel's most unusual bags, the Chanel Girl Bag (one is featured here). I saw the plain leather one and I think it looks like something you'd find at a flea market, and I say this with good intention. I would buy it (the plain one that is) if the price was reasonable. I'm honestly not willing to spend more than KD 300 for this style. Call me cheap but I just don't feel the bag has that longevity factor. Also, doesn't that Girl Bag look like something from Moschino's designs? 

The other Chanel bag that I really really liked is the one featured in the 2nd photo above. IF only it came in leather instead of that khaki green dirty canvas material. My sister thinks that I looked like an old lady, especially with my white flawy dress, but I would buy it at a heartbeat if it came in buttery soft caramel leather. Oh well, I'm moving on….