A Visit to Al Shaheed Park

I have finally managed to visit Al Shaheed Park the other day, the largest urban park in Kuwait. Honestly when they first started constructing the place I was quite annoyed because I usually go there for long walks, and when they had to shut it down for renovations I was like "Great!! Now they're going to ruin it and turn it into concrete jungle!! Nothing gets preserved in this place!". Little did I know. I had very low expectations, and the moment I stepped inside the park I was beyond impressed by its landscaping, tidiness, and how serene it looked! Of course so far there aren't any cafes or restaurants open yet, which is why it's even more appealing to me now. I hope Starbucks and co won't open there as this would just kill the whole ambiance. As for the park's rules, I'm actually very happy they had imposed such rules like no smoking, no BBQing, no rollerblading... etc. As the place is considered to be a cultural hub and a place for reading or spending real quality time with the kids.

On the day I visited the park I came to know that they were holding an exhibition about the wonderful gardens of Al Andalus. Created by the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) in Madrid, the “Gardens of Al Andalus” is an interactive exhibition showcasing the different types of Andalusian gardens influenced by Islamic civilization. From Scientific gardens to Poetic gardens, this exhibit reflects the Andalusian culture in the art of gardening. You can see some photos of the exhibition in the photos below.

You can follow them on instagram to know about their future activities. Follow them here.