Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Little Bit of Art...

During my stay in London last month, I passed by The Shop at Blue Bird on King's road for some breakfast and retail therapy. The place has so many things under one roof! It sells designer fashions for men and women, art books and upmarket homewares with an on-site spa, has its own mediocre cafe (the food was horrible but had a chic interior), and a mini gourmet market. I think I was more infatuated with the interior and the space than the offering. One thing that caught my eye is this wall installation by an artist named Pamela Anne Meyers. I couldn't find much about her online, but from what I gathered she's a South African artist who created this beautiful abstract painting called The abstract of self series. This painting has been transformed into chinaware, as you can see from the above photos, and they're absolutely beautiful. Would love to have the same concept for my new home. 

Do you know any information about Pamela Anne Meyers? If yes, please do share.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing, I know her, did know her, kind of lost contact and googled and found this, make me so happy to see what she has achived :)


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