Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chic in Choo's

I can't remember the last time I featured Jimmy Choo on my blog! I'm excited to bring the Choo back with this really cool exotic skin loafer. I fell in love with its striped detail. I would have bought the pair in a heartbeat if the weather was colder. I'm shoe shopping for sandals for now, but definitely keeping these babies in mind in case I need a new pair of loafers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shoe Shopping with Miu Miu

Nothing's more satisfying (on the fashion level that is) quite like making your way down the street in a gorgeous pair of shoes. They truly uplift the mood and up the style ante of whatever you're wearing. I spotted these really cool selection of shoes at Miu Miu the other day. Starting with these very pretty point flats. I have lots of reasons to love them. First, the color is perfect. Second, the crystal-like detail gives them a bit of an edge. Third, they’re comfortable and ideal for anyone who's looking to wear flats for an evening, def a fancy alternative from heels. I also like the gladiator sandals, just in time for the caftans seasons and of course to pair with midi flowy skirts or denim shorts/skirts for the remaining of the summer. And last but not least, the pumps with croc-like effect and a bow detail make a great option for anyone looking to begin a timeless designer shoe collection.

These featured Miu Miu shoes were spotted at the brand's boutique in Prestige, The Avenues.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chanel Girl Bag and Co.

As part of my Prestige instagram takeover, I passed by Chanel's boutique to check out what's new. I spotted two different versions of Chanel's most unusual bags, the Chanel Girl Bag (one is featured here). I saw the plain leather one and I think it looks like something you'd find at a flea market, and I say this with good intention. I would buy it (the plain one that is) if the price was reasonable. I'm honestly not willing to spend more than KD 300 for this style. Call me cheap but I just don't feel the bag has that longevity factor. Also, doesn't that Girl Bag look like something from Moschino's designs? 

The other Chanel bag that I really really liked is the one featured in the 2nd photo above. IF only it came in leather instead of that khaki green dirty canvas material. My sister thinks that I looked like an old lady, especially with my white flawy dress, but I would buy it at a heartbeat if it came in buttery soft caramel leather. Oh well, I'm moving on….

Monday, April 27, 2015

By The Way Fendi

I'm officially getting the bags fever again! This month witnesses 3 bag obsessions (and counting) starting with Ralph Lauren's drawstring bag, then Celine's knot bag, and now this beauty! Allow me to introduce you to one of my newest obsessions, the Fendi By The Way bag. The bag comes in such a large variety of colors, sizes, and textures. I've been really drawn to this bag since it came out last Summer but haven't purchased one yet. I especially like the styles with the crocodile tail, they're not THAT expensive, they were priced around KD 650 more or less WITH that cute croc tail.  This season, the bag comes in cool, pastel colors, which instantly lured me in as they're pretty for our long Summer and I think they compliment our skin tones and if you're like me, crazy for colors, the bag would perfectly fit in your wardrobe.

Check out the styles available currently at the brand's store in Prestige, the Avenues. You may also purchase one online here

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taking Over Prestige's Instagram Account

I have been invited by the representatives of Prestige of the Avenues to takeover their instagram account for 3 days starting this Tuesday. In those 3 days I'll bd walking you through to some of my favorite stores and the items that caught my fashion radars at Prestige, The Avenues.

Prestige is Kuwait's largest luxury shopping destination. It houses high-end brands such as Harvey Nichols Kuwait, Chanel, Burberry, PRADA, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, as well as cafes and restaurants that serve the finest international cuisine.

Scroll down for some of the items which will be highlighted as well as the other items that I liked but won't have the space to feature them on Prestige's instagram account. 

A close-up of Fendi's "By the way" bag with it cute croc tail. 

Tom Ford's Gigantic cuff bracelet which is on sale but still costs a fortune! I think it was KD 600 or KD 800 after the discount...

Those Miu Miu pointy flats! Heart!

A close-up of a cute and summery top by BCBG embroidered in shades of… grey and blue. :)

A cute shirt dress for the summer with an artistic feel by Piazza Sempione

The hippie chic ladies of Valentino

Something extravagant by Dolce and Gabanna, just look at the details!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Green Man

I was beyond thrilled and honored when the representative of the world's most famous department store  Harrods contacted me to participate in their #MyGreenMan campaign. 

Basically I was sent a special and iconic figurine synonymous with the brand, a Harrods Green Man, all the way from UK, to celebrate The Vogue Festival 2015. To participate I had to share photos on my social media account of the pocket-sized Green Man on my travels and in my own settings. Only 550 pieces were made of the green man and were sent to select family and friends of Harrods  around the globe. So I feel very lucky to be among this group!

An icon the world over, there has been a Harrods Green Man on duty at every door of London’s most luxurious department store for more than 100 years. 

I have chosen to showcase #MyGreenMan within the settings of one of my favorite local brands called ecru and matched him to his Arabic letter. I actually now carry in my bag, looking for other settings to capture him in. Follow my instagram to see where he'll be going next. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Céline. Period.

I really must sound like a broken record to you now, but my obsession for Céline bags and shoes is still going on strong, ever since the debut launch of its Luggage Tote in 2010 under the direction of one of the biggest names in the fashion industry Phoebe Philo, and I have been following the reveal of their new collections religiously. I even remember how easily available the Nano luggage bag back them on the shelves, when it was litreally half of what is priced at now. 

I passed by the store last week and found several pieces that I fell in love with. Starting with the Céline small vertical Cabas tote, shown in the photo below. It came in 3 different color variations, and this style comes with a long strap which you can wear as a cross bag, the only draw bag? It wouldn't be suitable to travel carrying this bag as it doesn't have a zipper to close the upper part, which makes it an easy target for street snatchers and thieves. 

Scroll down for more eye candy by the one and only Céline

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eyeing Loeffler Randall Shoes

Loeffler Randall creates modestly elegant and semi budget-friendly shoes that are well crafted, on-trend, and irrefutably feminine. I spotted these two styles at Harvey Nichols Kuwait, gladiator-style sandals with cute fringed details and these raffia sneaker-inspired style. I didn't have the time to try them on, but I'm planning to do so sometime this week when I get the chance to visit the store. Actually, speaking of Loeffler Randall this season I'm so in love with it I also bought a leather bucket bag with raffia detail, I'll share with you photo of it sometime soon. 

You can find more styles online here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Seham Studio

I'll be sharing with you in a couple of days photos, which I have taken, of a new local brand dedicated to creating caftans for little girls and teenagers called Seham Studio. You may follow the brand on instagram @SehamStudio.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Event: Caftan AlOthman

I love caftans. Wait... let me rephrase that. I love WELL MADE and BEAUTIFUL caftans. So to actually work on selecting some of my favorite caftan designers and have them all exhibiting under one roof was something very exciting for me. Caftan AlOthman is the 2nd edition of AlOthman Boutique's annual Ramadan caftans exhibition. This year the exhibition included amazing local talents such as Shams Concept, Qamar, Ghain Ghada, Jallabiya, Shugar, By Mariam Al Bader, Hamsa, and Salma Musaab.

Below are highlights of the evening and the super stylish people who attended. You will find more details on my instagram @confashions and enjoy scrolling!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Love by Shaikha for Shams Concept

I went to visit Kuwait-based atelier Shams Concept to browse and shop their caftans selection the other day. If you're following me on snapchat (confashions), you would know how obsessed I am with their caftans. Anyhow, I spotted these really cure clutches made out of a mix of vintage and Uzbek and Afghan fabrics and decorated with sea shells, coins, and colorful beads by one of the co-founders of the atelier, better known as Love by Shaikha. I immediately fell in love! The clutch is perfect for the summer and to pair with our Ramadan caftans, and the price tag? They're selling for KD 45 only! A bargain! Wouldn't you say? 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Visit to Al Shaheed Park

I have finally managed to visit Al Shaheed Park the other day, the largest urban park in Kuwait. Honestly when they first started constructing the place I was quite annoyed because I usually go there for long walks, and when they had to shut it down for renovations I was like "Great!! Now they're going to ruin it and turn it into concrete jungle!! Nothing gets preserved in this place!". Little did I know. I had very low expectations, and the moment I stepped inside the park I was beyond impressed by its landscaping, tidiness, and how serene it looked! Of course so far there aren't any cafes or restaurants open yet, which is why it's even more appealing to me now. I hope Starbucks and co won't open there as this would just kill the whole ambiance. As for the park's rules, I'm actually very happy they had imposed such rules like no smoking, no BBQing, no rollerblading... etc. As the place is considered to be a cultural hub and a place for reading or spending real quality time with the kids.

On the day I visited the park I came to know that they were holding an exhibition about the wonderful gardens of Al Andalus. Created by the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) in Madrid, the “Gardens of Al Andalus” is an interactive exhibition showcasing the different types of Andalusian gardens influenced by Islamic civilization. From Scientific gardens to Poetic gardens, this exhibit reflects the Andalusian culture in the art of gardening. You can see some photos of the exhibition in the photos below.

You can follow them on instagram to know about their future activities. Follow them here.


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