Stella McCartney Kids at Harvey Nichols Kuwait

Can I have this mind-blowing Breton top and embroidered denim shorts in a size xx-large please?!! Sometimes I really wish I could fit into kids clothes! Like these piece from the Stella McCartney Kids collection, which I spotted at Harvey Nichols Kuwait the other day. The selection was small but it did offer a few vibrant and playful pieces for the coolest (and pampered) kids in town. I wish Harvey would get more of these really cool kids brands, they used to stock Roksanda, but I haven't seen the brand when I last shopped there.

I was thinking, it’s ridiculous that some kids tops or dresses cost more than my Topshop jeans! I don't normally always buy designer clothes for my kids, as I feel sometimes it's a waste of money and they don't have that longevity. What about you? Would you spend your savings on buying designer label clothes for your kids?


road278 said…
Tahani Almousa said…
I used to always buymy kids specially my daughter d clothing,but then as you said the cloth get too small too fast so now I just mix more to retailers stores and anyways Ramadan is coming and now girls needs dara3a and gerge3an cloth which becoming very costly every year some dara3as goes to 85 kd.