Kuwaiti Artist Tamara Al-Samerai participates in Art Dubai Through Gypsum Gallery

If my heart could only be poured out in one blog post, a looooong and detailed post would be created dedicated to a talented and a big-hearted person I deeply admire and who continues to inspire me on different levels and forms in life, Kuwaiti artist Tamara Al-Samerai.

I won't talk about the personal side at the moment, I'd rather focus on her professional achievements. Born in Kuwait in 1977 and trained as a painter, Tamara Al-Samerai’s art practice encompasses painting, illustration, photography, animation, video and installation, often mixing the conventions of each medium. Her images are sensual, layered and deliberately unpolished, exuding an ethereality that withholds as much as it reveals. Most recently, confrontation and fear have been a recurring theme in her work, often manifesting themselves in the form of demons and monsters. Al-Samerai lives and works in Beirut and is represented by Cairo-based art gallery Gypsum Gallery

Gypsum Gallery participated in the contemporary section of the ninth edition of Art Dubai, 2015. The works presented explore ambiguity, allusion and association in art practice through a range of artistic processes such as digital manipulation, tampering with film negatives, darkroom printing, gestural painting and video documentation.