Event: Saed Akhak Charity Event at Sheraton Hotel

Yesterday I passed by Saed Akhak Charity event, which is held at the Sheraton Hotel on a yearly basis to raise money for humanitarian activities. We were looking for a Mother's Day gift, and let me tell you, it's such an amazing feeling to buy a gift that actually gives back to those in need during these worrisome times, any item purchased from participants of the charity exhibition a portion of its proceeds will be donated to humanitarian charities. This opportunity to "shop for a cause"is a great way to spoil the ones you love and feel good about it. 

What I like about Saed Akhak is that they offer a good mix of participants, so you have booths that sell home accessories and furniture, and others that sell discounted jewelry and beautiful caftans, and other booths that sell yummy (but very overpriced) homemade food. We ended up getting my mother a gorgeous yellow sapphire earring from a local jeweler. 

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