New Designer: Dzhanelli Jewellery House

I received an e-mail from the representative of a new Moscow-based brand Dzhanelli Jewellery House to introduce me to their brand and their newest collection. But first let's find out more about it… 

Dzhanelli Jewellery House is founded by a professional jeweler Diana Dzhanelli in 2010 in Moscow. At the age of 20, Diana joined Moscow Jewelry Fabric, the biggest and the oldest jewelry makers in her country jewelry maker. At the age of 21, she became a Creative Director and a Head of her own Experimental Department with 100 subordinates.

Dzhanelli works with silver, gold, platinum and titanium, incrusting them with precious and semiprecious gems and enamel. She also experiments with coatings. 4 years since its launch Dzhanelli Jewellery House has presented 11 jewelry collections. Most of them are exclusively presented by the leading luxury operator in Russia in Tsum Moscow.

The representative has shared with me photos of the brand's most recent collection titled Soviet Memories. The collection was created by Diana Dzhanelli in collaboration with Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Angelika Timanina. The collection revives Soviet times and some favorite childhood fetiches - roly-poly 'Nevalyashka' dolls, black caviar cans, kefir’s aluminium caps, red-blue triangular packs of milk. Another significant part of "Soviet Memories" are orders and brooches made of silver and quartz with ceremonial bows instead insignia with portraits of Soviet time icons like Yuri
GagarinHe was the first human to journey into outer space.

Scroll down to view some of my favorite pieces of the collection.