Flavor of the Day: Sacada Wooden Clutch

I came across this Brazilian brand called Sacada through Vogue Brazil. Again, I was unable to find more information or images of their clutches except for the one shown here. I'm not sure if the brand has it's own website! This wooden clutch that looks like a piece of a beautifully constructed parquet floor, was showcased during the 2015 Winter collection of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, in Sao Paulo, Brazil back in November 2014. Oh what I would do to get my hands on this beauty! 

After 2 hours of research, I'm not even sure if the brand's name is really Sacada? Maybe Sacada is not even a brand's name! Oops!! If you happen to know the brand, please do share in the comments section or e-mail me. Thanks!

Photo credit: link here.