Saadiyat Beach Club

You know that feeling you get when you find the most amazing spot for your vacation and don't feel like sharing it to the world? You just want to keep this place for yourself, in fear of it getting polluted or ruined by the society and overexposure?? That's exactly the feeling I got when I first stepped into Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi, formerly known as The Monte-Carlo Beach Club. I have heard about it from my friend in Kuwait once, and then AD local and entrepreneur Alia Al Qassimi swore by it. I'm glad we had the time to squeeze in a visit during our mini Abu Dhabi tour. The place is so serene and beautiful in every possible way. It had the most pristine beach I have ever seen. The club has four restaurants and lounges, a 650 square-metre pool, a spa and a gym, and private access to Saadiyat’s nine-kilometre breathtaking natural beach. I wish it was a hotel so that I couls stay there as long as I want to!

Unfortunately for me, this is an exclusive members-only kind of club. I'm not sure if they allow for one-day passes, will need to ask about that.