Resort to Céline

In yesterday's post I mentioned that fashion has become somewhat boring, however, this statement does not apply to Céline. The brand just knows how to keep it exciting, for me at least, every season! I went weak on the knees when I saw the deep tiers of fringe at the hem of a sleeveless knitted sweater, the dress version (in black) was to-die-for and would look absolutely stunning paired with african inspired chunky accessories. As for the bags selection, I was hoping to see the rainbow striped bags, which the majority hated on instagram, but the Kuwait brand hasn't received them yet. Instead, there were these new color combos of the small luggage bag and the nano bag, I was thiiiiis close to purchase the nano bag but the price tag held me off, and the fact that I own two already! But I love them so much! They're the most practical bags I have ever carried. Now as I look at the photo of me carrying the nano, I think I'm giving in, the color combo is just beautiful and easy to match. As for the trio bag, I loved that rug-like version with furry polka dots! It's actually part of the winter collection, and it looks so wacko and kind of fugly but for some reason I warmed up to it! 

Must pay the store a visit soon to check if they have received any new additions. Will keep you posted!